Annual Giving Campaign

As you all know, this school year will be unlike anything any of us have ever experienced. Events caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have required us to evaluate every aspect of our programs, including how we determine financial support. As you can see from the chart on 2019-20 AGC Spending, the PSP makes intentional effort to support learning in the classroom through direct Classroom Assistance, and for broad initiatives that would benefit the entire school, whether in the form of Academic Enrichment, School Culture, or Special Projects.  The PSP continues to thoughtfully consider any implications the pandemic could have onto our programs and priorities. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the PSP has been working over the summer to identify the following priorities:

  • Classroom Accounts – as in prior years, we will continue to provide additional resources to our teachers in the form of a classroom account.
  • Classroom Learning Technologies – Rocklin Academy has always been at the forefront of facilitating learning through classroom technological platforms and tools. Those learning technologies are increasing this year as our students engage in virtual learning.
  • Events – Large, in person events will be re-imagined virtually, socially distanced, or postponed for this year.

After all the adjustments this unique year calls for, we can see that there is still a significant need to raise support for our school. The Annual Giving Campaign request is $125 per student. The past few months have impacted us all, and some in profoundly life-changing ways. Please do not feel obligated to give if it would be burdensome to your family.

Our goal is 100% participation*, but we recognize this could be a financial burden for some of our families. We ask that you make your gift comfortable and meaningful to you. It is anticipated that some families will contribute more (or get a match from their employer) and others may contribute less.

Your donation is tax deductible and you are able to contribute in installments if this is more manageable for your family. 

*100 percent participation means that we hope that all of our families would give something that is meaningful, according to their financial capacity. It does not mean that we expect every family to give $125 per student, regardless of financial situation.

AGC Fact Sheet 20-21

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