Holiday Newsletter


Holiday Newsletter


Hi Gator Families! We sent this through school communication in December, but we wanted to make sure to post it onto our website since it has helpful updates about activities this year. To read the Holiday Newsletter, go here: PSP Holiday Newsletter December 2020 FINAL.

Some highlights:

  • Increased Connection – our team dove into our social media accounts, via FaceBook and Instagram, to keep our Gator families informed of school community activities affecting their families. AND we have a PSP website this year! Keep checking our website for updates, as we continue to learn how to best utilize this.
  • Parent Directory – New this year, a Parent Directory! This is an opt-in process. If you’re interested in being part of a school directory that allows you to find other students, whose families have also opted in, go here. This is a great way to try to find your friends for activities outside of the classroom!
  • Virtual events – our team explored different ideas to bring some entertainment and connection to our families via virtual events, so that we could still do something together, while physically being apart. We’ve held a virtual auction, a virtual camp out, and a virtual dance party. Check them out!
  • Yearbook – We’re still having a yearbook this year! This incomparable year is worth being captured. Student photos, artwork, and creative writing will be highlighted. You can purchase one at this link.
  • AGC Update – when we wrote this in December, we were at 5%, with $7,101 contributed. The AGC is now at 8%, with $12,516. Thank you, families! If interested in donating, go here.

Current Update: 

We are so thankful for our Gator families! You continue to show your resilience as we navigate through all the changes coming our way this year. Thankfully, quality learning, thoughtful assessments, and steadfast leadership has helped make all the difference for our school community! Keep on, Gators!