Welcome Back Gators!

Welcome Back, Gators! It has been quite the journey. A lot has changed during these last 5 months. The only thing that has been certain is uncertainty. We have gone from in person learning, to virtual learning, to summer vacation, to the point that we are now at—school beginning virtually for all students. The beginning of this school year brings all of us different thoughts and anticipations. As the Parent School Partnership (PSP), we plan to help keep our families informed and connected. Our hope is to provide a space where we can still build a sense of community and togetherness, even though we will not be together in person.


Covid-19 has changed our lives dramatically. These changes look different for everyone and have different implications depending on the type of group or system you look to. For the PSP at this time, Covid-19 precautions will affect all our in-person activities, from events to volunteering on campus in the classroom. We will not hold any in person events, but will instead hold activities virtually wherever possible. While we are unable to physically be in the classroom to volunteer, we can find alternate ways to support the classroom from home. Flexibility and innovation will need to be key to our plans.


Your PSP Board has been busily working to figure out what this new year could look like for all of us! We are eager to explore new opportunities and ways to connect virtually. Some new pieces we are adding this year are 1) increased presence on social media; 2) virtual events; and 3) a Parent Directory. All of these are intended to better inform and connect our parents during an everchanging landscape.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at gatewaypspteam@gmail.com. We look forward to this journey with you. Welcome Back, Gators!

Your PSP Team,

(Daniela Miranda; Krystl Burleigh; Kay Bass)

Welcome Back Letter