Summer Family Music Series – Week 2

Dear Rocklin Academy Gateway Parents! Welcome back for all those who participated last week, and welcome to the new eyes seeing this for the first time! Looking for new ways to connect with your kids over the summer?  Please check out this page every week for something new… “Weekend Family Sing Along or Dance Party Songs!”  We even have THREE songs for you this week!  First, enjoy dancing to Try Everything, from Zootopia. The song promotes super positive messages for students…TRY! Can’t Stop the Feeling! is the beloved song from Trolls. Its positive feel and upbeat disco, pop, soul and funk influences helped make it the best-selling song of 2016. Fight Song introduces students to the Core Knowledge principle of dynamics by starting off with a simple, quiet melody played by the piano followed by a crescendo to louder drums and horns. These three songs have positive messages of staying true to yourself and standing tall in the face of adversity.  Smile and enjoy!  For more musical fun and learning, visit our family music docent website at!

**Please be aware that links throughout this series will take you to outside links, including YouTube.**