Summer Family Music Series – Week 4

Dear Rocklin Academy Family Members! Welcome to Week 4 of our Summer Family Music Program! This week we have two more dance party songs for our RAFOS family to enjoy! Click on the song titles below to getting dancing!

This weekend…get ready to Kidz Bop Shuffle with your family!!! Keep it silly and fun!  Remember…there is no wrong way to dance…movement and music appreciation is what it’s all about!!!!  “Shout” was made famous by the Isley Brothers and Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at number 119 on its list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”  This song is played at most parties with a DJ.  And best yet…this will definitely get the wiggles out using simple choreography.  For more musical fun and learning, visit our family music docent website at!

**Please be aware that links throughout this series will take you to outside links, including YouTube.**