Summer Family Music Series – Week 9

To everyone who participated with us this Summer, we hope you enjoyed this added program offered to help families bond over the summer using something as important as MUSIC!  We thank you for your participation! For our last installment, we are looking at The Rhythm and Beat Poem and We Will Rock You. The Rhythm and Beat Poem is a great song/poem that teaches the foundations of music (beat and rhythm). This teaches children about steady beats in poetry, as well as singing partner songs (a variation of singing in rounds where two DIFFERENT songs are sung at the same time, thus creating a natural harmony). Now listen to the classic We Will Rock You by Queen. Other than the last 30 seconds, which contains a guitar solo, the song is generally set in a cappella form using only stomping and clapping as a rhythmic body percussion beat. So…time to get up one last time…and get ready to become a percussion instrument yourself! Stomp, clap, and dance along! Don’t forget to smile and give your family a big hug!  For more musical fun and learning, visit our family music docent website at!

**Please be aware that links throughout this series will take you to outside links, including YouTube.**