Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

How SWEET it is to be taught by our amazing Gateway Teachers! Because our teachers and staff are the “sweetest” PSP has many SWEET things planned for the week of May 2nd – 6th to honor and celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our families and students (if they so choose) can participate as well in the following ways each day of the week:

Monday – “S” Show up to school with flowers for your teacher! “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Tuesday – “W” Wear your teacher’s favorite color or Spirit/Gator gear.

Wednesday – “E” Eat! Bring your teacher a sweet treat from their favorites list.

Thursday – “E” Extra goodies – help replenish supplies in the classroom from their Amazon wish list.

Friday – “T” Thank you! Write a letter, draw a picture, or send in a poem to let your teacher know just how sweet and special they are!

**Lauren at the front desk of building 6550 have teacher favorite lists on file, so, please walk in and grab a copy!**